Jeans And Nice Top

The good, the bad and the ugly of the modelling industry and skincare 101 with Nancy Elza

Nancy Elza joined Chelsea Little to explore this weeks outfit ensemble exposing the ugly truths of the modelling industry, the dark side effects it has on your mental health and the solace found in self care skincare. This episode has a special guest Ozzy the dog, some serious skincare hacks you will take to the grave and some much needed real talk about the dangers of hyper focusing on negative body talk.

Sustainable and ethical business, ADHD and how to be unapologetically yourself with Kasia Ring.

Kasia Ring joined Chelsea Little to explore this weeks outfit ensemble discussing the challenges of being a sustainable business owner in the fashion industry, being diagnosed with ADHD in adult life and the joy of rollerblading as a hobby. This episode is colourful, fun and a reminder to consistently challenge yourself and never forget to be a big kid even as we become adults.

Divorce, Bisexuality and Magic Mike with Samantha Baines

Samantha Baines joined Chelsea to create this weeks outfit ensemble normalising being a divorced woman and opening up about bisexuality in later life and the joys of the LGBTQ community. Published author, podcast host and advocate for the deaf community, Samantha rises above it all and through failure has created so much success, including becoming BEST friends with none other than Channing Tatum from Magic Mike. Want to know the tea? Listen to the podcast!

Jeans And A Nice Top

Diet culture, the hustle and making movement accessible with Emily Harding

Emily Harding joined Chelsea to create this weeks oufit ensemble, dismantling body shaming, and diet culture in the fitness industry, the importance of making movement accessible for all bodies and how on earth do we create a healthy relationship with social media. These conversations are enlightening, exposing and make you check yourself as well as remind you to show yourself some more kindness and that yoga can solve all problems.

Jeans And A Nice Top

Being a singer songwriter, heartbreak and the reality of drama school in London with Dani Sylvia

Dani Sylvia joined Chelsea to create this weeks oufit ensemble of big sis advice inspiring you to chase your dreams and do the things that scare you. Dani shared the harsh reality of being a singer songwriter in the music industry but the joys of being a female creative that make it all worth it. And let’s not forget the juicy gossip on what drama school is REALLY like! Coached by Ed Sheeran and a force to be reckoned with, Dani Sylvia is one to watch!