Gut Loving Goodness

This week the rebels throw open the doors to the world of gut health and next-level energy!

First up, we meet Monique Farquharson, founder of The Matcha Yaad. Monique hated matcha at first, but after a flavor explosion of Jamaican spices, she created a unique line of productivity drinks. Unlike coffee’s jittery highs and crashes, The Matcha Yaad boasts a blend of energising matcha, delicious Jamaican spices, and powerful antioxidants for sustained focus and a happy gut.

Also on the show we have Ben Payne, co-founder of Bottlebrush Ferments. Ben’s journey began in the gym, where he discovered the powerful link between gut health and overall well-being. Ditching the usual suspects like eggs and kale, Ben embraced buckwheat, seabream, and other gut-friendly options. This shift led him to raw, unpasteurized ferments teeming with live bacteria. Georgie learns the importance of a pristine microbiome and why double-dipping is a no-go with these flavor-packed ferments.

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