Uplevel Your Cooking

Join host AJ Sharp and guest presenter Colin Mordi from Food Sauce Media on an episode of Food Rebels that celebrates the upleveling your of plant-based cuisine. In this enticing instalment, AJ and Colin are joined by two brilliant guests, Mitch Lee from Purezza and Karen Prado from Chimi Love, who are revolutionising the food industry with their exceptional creations.

Mitch Lee, a vegan chef and head of sales at Purezza shares the secrets behind their plant-based pizzas that have been so popular. Discover the magic of their vegan mozzarella and stracciatella, which have redefined the possibilities of dairy-free cheese, making them a hit even among non-vegans.

Karen Prado, the visionary force behind Chimi Love, introduces us to her vibrant range of Chimi Churri flavours inspired by Colombian cuisine. Prepare to be amazed as she showcases how her versatile and mouthwatering creations can elevate any dish, proving that they’re not just good with meat.