College Students: Their Journey

In this enlightening episode, Numi delves into the lives of three inspiring students – Luca, Samantha and Chandrika. 

– We explore Luca’s journey as a graphic design student who overcame health challenges to find his passion in hands-on learning and industry exposure. He shares his experience being elected president for the student union and how it provides him with a voice to influence change.

 – Samantha is an ambitious A-level student balancing Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology with her aspiration to become a surgeon. She highlights the college’s flexible environment that offers enriching opportunities like trips and freshers fair.

– Chandrika has been studying at Canterbury College for five years now; currently enrolled in Access to Higher Education as she aims to be a children’s nurse. She appreciates the support provided by Ashford Learning Hub for students with special education needs or mental health conditions.

The trio also share their advice on handling unexpected academic results, asserting that setbacks should be seen as stepping stones towards future achievements rather than failures. They encourage exploring various paths of success beyond academics through opportunities such as joining student unions or societies.

Wrapping up the discussion, they emphasize choosing something enjoyable and rewarding for effective learning within post-GCSEs education framework – highlighting independence within diversity offered by colleges compared to schools.

Stay tuned till end where our guests leave us with profound thoughts about listening not only others’ advice but also your heart when deciding your path after GCSEs!