Exploring Apprenticeships

Key Points:

1. Structure of Apprenticeships: Majority involve one day at college per week and some are entirely online. Apprentices spend 80% of their time working and 20% studying.

2. Support Systems: Trainers provide support to apprentices either in-person or remotely while colleges offer tutors and additional learning resources.

3. Pay & Opportunities: Many employers may choose to pay more than minimum wage based on the role’s skill level and company size. Many apprentices secure permanent positions within the same company upon completion.

4. Benefits for Companies: Hiring an apprentice allows companies to shape inexperienced school leavers into ideal employees by imparting necessary skills.

5. College Life for Apprentices: Full-time students entitled to all facilities/activities; can switch from BTEC/A-level course to an apprenticeship at any stage.


This discussion provides key insights into why both individuals seeking career progression and businesses looking for skilled talent should consider apprenticeships as a promising option!