Jeans And A Nice Top

Being a singer songwriter, heartbreak and the reality of drama school in London with Dani Sylvia

Welcome to Episode 6 of Jeans And A Nice Top podcast with me, Chelsea Little!!! 

In this episode I talk to Dani Sylvia who spills the T on what it’s really like to be an artist in the music industry, going to drama school, heartbreak, and the magic behind the process of songwriting. 

This episode is for my fellow creatives, performers, artists, dancers, singers whoever you are. That need that big sister reminder that anything you put your mind too is possible, just because its hard doesn’t mean you won’t get there, and that love truly is all around (shoutout to all of our best friends that carry the flame on the daily.) 

Behind the scenes with an up and coming singer-songwriter this is seriously an episode you do NOT wanna skip. 

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