Divorce, Bisexuality and Magic Mike with Samantha Baines

Episode 1 of Season 2 is here of the Jeans and a Nice Top podcast with me, Chelsea Little!!! In this episode I talk to Samantha Baines who delves deep into divorce and some of the biggest learning curves she has faced in opening up the conversation on coming out as bisexual and finding your voice, the healing power of comedy and most importantly working on Magic Mike and being best friends with Channing Tatum. Samantha Baines calls herself a joy facilitator and I couldn’t find a more well fitting descriptive for this bisexual, deaf, divorced, actress, comedian and author (epic title huh?) Blue tic on Instagram and Twitter and rightly so, her openness and compassion to everyone and passion in sharing others stories is apparent in this episode, and her truthful depiction of divorce and relationships eased the pressure I personally feel as a 20 something to tick off all the boxes of marriage, kids, house etc before I’m 30. I hope you walk away with a best friend and a warm heart like I did. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!!! 

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