Sustainable and ethical business, ADHD and how to be unapologetically yourself with Kasia Ring.

Episode 3 of Season 2 is here of Jeans and a nice top podcast with me, Chelsea Little!!! In this episode I am joined by Kasia Ring, fashion designer, make-up artist, rollerblader and vegan ADHD queen to chat about all things bright and beautiful, rollerblading, and being unapologetically yourself for the world to see. As well as dissecting her journey as a sustainable and ethical business owner and the highs and lows of mental health diagnosis. Kasia Ring is a human rainbow inside and out, sharing so modestly her incredible journey as a solo, female business owner that came from pure passion and persistence, as well dissecting her struggles over the years to come to terms with her anxiety and how to manage it, seeking therapy and her recent plight to understand ADHD to create a more supportive and functional environment. This episode is educational, honest and every bit caring. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!!!

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