Kent Politics Podcast

EP1: Libraries, Docks & Farage in Kent / Natalie Elphicke MP

Episode 1:  Libraries, Docks & Farage in Kent / Natalie Elphicke MP – 26th January 2024

Welcome to episode 1 of the Kent Politics Podcast, where we bring you comprehensive discussions on both local and national political developments. This week, we’re unpacking a variety of pressing issues that have been stirring up debate across Kent.

Key Topics Covered:

– **Local Government Turmoil**: We explore the rollercoaster situation with Kent County Council’s library buildings – from potential sell-offs to sudden reversals.

 – **Chatham Docks Controversy**: The latest updates on the Chatham Docks development saga, including resistance from existing businesses against relocation plans.

– **Green Belt Concerns**: Insightful analysis on the future of Kent’s greenbelt areas amidst housing pressures. How are local councils balancing environmental protection with development needs?

– **Parking Charge Debates**: Discover how proposed parking charge hikes in Dover District Council sparked community backlash leading to policy reconsideration.

– **Westminster Watch**: Our regular feature dives into current events at UK’s capital. From leadership speculation within the Conservative Party to examining the rise of smaller political entities like the Reform Party.

Special Guest Interview:

Natalie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Deal: Hear first hand about her stance on key electoral issues such as Brexit progress, healthcare improvements, jobs growth in her constituency, and tackling illegal immigration via small boat crossings.

Expert Analysis:

Paul Francis provides his seasoned perspective on how parties like The Reform Party might influence voter sentiment without necessarily clinching seats themselves but potentially reshaping overall election outcomes.

Listener Engagement:

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