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EP11 : Citizens advice cuts, a bridge too far and asylum seeker backlash / Mike Tapp, Labour parliamentary candidate


EPISODE 11 : Citizens advice cuts, a bridge too far and asylum seeker backlash / Mike Tapp Labour parliamentary candidate.

Welcome to the latest episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, where we delve into pressing political issues affecting local communities and analyse national decisions impacting our lives in Kent. This week’s discussions revolve around cost-of-living concerns, political rifts within Medway Labour, contentious asylum seeker housing plans, and an intriguing look at potential shifts in voter sentiment across the county.

In this episode:

– **Cost of Living Takes Center Stage**: We acknowledge that while immigration remains a topic of interest for constituents, skyrocketing living costs are currently top-of-mind for many residents struggling with basic necessities.

 – **Local Government Spotlight**: Our deep dive into local government actions uncovers how budget cuts affect vital services like Citizens Advice Medway and provoke internal party tensions. Plus, get insights on KCC’s controversial decision to house unaccompanied child asylum seekers in a disused care home.

– **Westminster Watch**: During Parliament’s Easter recess, we discuss alarming polls indicating substantial challenges ahead for the Conservative Party. Will traditional Tory strongholds turn red? Find out what these predictions could mean if they come to fruition.

– **Interview with Mike Tapp**: Special guest Mike Tapp shares his journey from military service and law enforcement to becoming Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Dover and Deal. His passion for serving the country shines as he discusses his commitment to addressing community needs through politics.

Key Points Covered:

1. The impact of funding withdrawal on Citizens Advice Medway

2. Asylum seeker accommodation stirs controversy on Isle of Sheppey

3. The ongoing battle over Faversham Creek swing bridge restoration

4. Shocking poll results suggest seismic changes ahead in Kent constituencies


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