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EP14: Bracing for Dover chaos, 12,000 homes for Dartford and potholes row in Medway / Matt Boughton


EP14: Bracing for Dover chaos, 12,000 homes for Dartford and potholes row in Medway / Matt Boughton – Tonbridge & Malling Council Leader

In this episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, we tackle pressing local issues from village hall debates to national political turbulence. Hear from council leaders grappling with the contentious process of creating local plans that never seem to please everyone. Discover how Medway Council’s plea for road repair funding was met with a dismissive response from the Department For Transport, igniting a fiery exchange over responsibility and financial support.

We delve into Dartford Borough Council’s new local plan, aiming to build thousands of homes while preserving greenbelt land – yet facing criticism over slow progress in Ebbsfleet Garden City development. Learn about KCC’s visit to Dover Port as they brace for border chaos due to new EU entry-exit system checks causing potential massive delays.

Our Westminster Watch segment dissects speculation on an early general election amidst MP resignations and policy impacts. And don’t miss our interview with one of the UK’s youngest council leaders, Matt Boughton of Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, who shares his journey into politics and vision for tackling financial challenges at a local government level.

Join Simon Finlay, Robert Boddy, Dan Esson, Paul Francis, and special guest Matt Boughton for insightful discussions that bring you closer to the pulse of Kent’s political heartbeat.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The dilemma faced by elected officials when developing local plans
  • Medway Council’s struggle for adequate road maintenance funding
  • Dartford Borough Council navigating housing development without encroaching on greenbelt land
  • Preparations at Dover Port ahead of disruptive biometric border checks
  • Speculation around general election timing influenced by various factors including upcoming local elections
  • Interview with young leader Matt Boughton emphasising direct impact through local governance

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