Kent Politics Podcast

EP15: Docks decision, spying on the council and Rwanda / Mike Baldock


Episode 15 – Docks decision, spying on the council and Rwanda. Special guest, Cllr Mike Baldock – leader of Swale Independents Alliance Group.

In this episode of the Kent Politics podcast, we tackle the pressing issue of housing versus office space development in London’s overspill areas, such as Kent. We examine how this affects local residents’ ability to climb the housing ladder despite new constructions. The team delve into various political topics, including Medway Council’s controversial Chatham Docks redevelopment plan and Canterbury City Council’s local plan impacting Whitstable.

Featured Segments:

  • Local Government Deep Dive: Hear from key decision-makers about spending and policy impacts on daily life.
  • Westminster Watch: A critical analysis of recent decisions shaping politics in London.
  • Special Guest Insight: An interview with Councillor Mike Baldock discussing his political journey and views on current issues.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. The dilemma between developing offices or residential spaces for locals versus catering to the London market.
  2. Upcoming local government decisions that could reshape communities across Kent.
  3. Cybersecurity breaches at KCC leading to data thefts and financial compensations – what does this mean for public trust?
  4. The Rwandan asylum seeker policy – an electoral strategy or a fiscal drain?
  5. Insights into post-Brexit biosecurity checks affecting businesses in Dover.

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