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EP17: Former deputy PM Damien Green, Natalie Elphicke fallout and bus pass price hike anger


Episode 17 – Former deputy PM Damien Green, Natalie Elphicke fallout and bus pass price hike anger

This episode of the Kent Politics Podcast delves into a variety of pressing political topics, both at the local level in Kent and on the national stage. We cover Dover MP Natalie Elphicke’s party defection, controversial traffic measures in Medway, bus pass cost hikes, and more. Our special guest is former Deputy Prime Minister Damien Green.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Local vs General Elections: The impact of voter turnout differences between general elections versus local ones on smaller parties.
  • Westminster Watch: Regular segment examining recent happenings in UK politics.
  • Natalie Elphicke’s Defection & Planning Application: Insights into her sudden departure from the Conservative Party and subsequent planning application withdrawal.
  • Red Route Restrictions in Medway: Exploring new traffic regulations that have surprised many residents.
  • Bus Pass Price Surge: An 18% increase proposed by Kent County Council raises concerns among parents.

Special Guest Interview: Damien Green shares his experiences as a journalist turned politician. He discusses his journey to becoming an MP, insights from past campaigns including facing Ken Livingstone, constituency changes affecting Ashford due to boundary adjustments, key issues like transport infrastructure and job opportunities linked with film studios development.

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