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EP19: Farage back in Kent, Radio star Iain Dale eyes seat and Special Guest Cllr George Perfect


Episode 19 – Farage back in Kent, radio star Iain Dale eyes seat and special guest Cllr George Perfect 

Welcome to another episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, where we delve into the pressing political issues affecting both local governance and national policies from a uniquely Kent perspective. This week, we tackle an array of topics that are shaping our region’s political discourse. 

**Roadwork Woes in Rainham**: Our discussion kicks off with the impact of persistent roadworks on local businesses in Raynham. Traders report significant financial losses due to reduced customer visits and delayed deliveries caused by traffic snarls. We explore Medway Council’s response and potential compensation for affected businesses. 

**Cross-Country Candidacy**: Canterbury City Councillor Elizabeth Carr-Ellis is making headlines with her parliamentary bid not locally, but over 500 miles away in Scotland’s Angus and Perthshire Glens constituency. We examine this phenomenon of ‘parachute candidates’ and its prevalence within UK politics. 

**Pre-Election Squabbles at County Hall**: With elections looming, tensions rise as KCC boasts about tackling potholes while opponents cry foul over what they see as “blatant electioneering.” A closer look reveals complexities behind press release timings and electoral campaign strategies. 

**Farage’s Return & Dover Dynamics**: Nigel Farage has re-entered the fray amidst speculation about his influence on upcoming elections—particularly in Dover—and conservative candidate selections across Kent constituencies following multiple MP retirements. 

**Medway Conservatives’ New Dawn**: Special Guest, Cllr George Perfect joins us to discuss his vision as the new leader for Medway Tories post their council defeat last year. He outlines plans focused on community-centric policies aimed at regaining control come 2027.


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