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EP20: Planning sagas, Eurostar and a mystery unsolved with special guest David Naghi


Episode 20 –  Planning sagas, Eurostar and a mystery unsolved with special guest David Naghi 

In this episode of the Kent Politics Podcast: 

We explore the controversial approval of Chatham Docks redevelopment despite public outcry and potential legal challenges. Discover how this decision has led to accusations of Labour’s political U-turn in Medway. 

Learn about the faint glimmer of hope for the return of Eurostar services to Kent after a four-year hiatus. Hear insights into why these services were suspended and what future developments might bring them back. 

Dive into the mystery surrounding Zena Cooke’s abrupt departure from her role as finance director at Kent County Council – an unsolved puzzle that raises questions about transparency within local government. 

Get Paul Francis’ take on Nigel Farage’s latest bid for a seat in Parliament, his eighth attempt now focused on Clacton, Essex. Understand how tactical voting could once again influence Farage’s chances. 

Listen to our discussion on Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer’s first TV debate performance amidst election season. Analyse their strategies and audience reception during this pivotal campaign event. 

Examine recent mega polls predicting dire outcomes for Conservative seats in Kent – are they signaling a historic shift or should we approach with caution? 

Delve into evolving debates over immigration policies proposed by major parties. Contrast Conservative avoidance through outsourcing decisions versus Labour’s direct approaches aimed at reducing migration numbers. 

Special Guest: Cllr David Naghi shares his aspirations as he runs for Liberal Democrat MP in Maidstone & Malling while reflecting on his long-standing connection with Maidstone public life. 

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