Kent Politics Podcast

EP21: Private school SEND costs, cat bans, manifesto madness and special guest Howard Cox


Episode 21: Private school SEND costs, cat bans, manifesto madness and special guest Howard Cox 

Welcome to the latest episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, where we delve into the complexities of local and national political dynamics. This week, our panel discusses a range of topics including a unique housing development in Medway that bans cats and kids, spiralling costs of private education for children with special educational needs (SEN), controversial Tory manifesto policies on nutrient neutrality rules affecting Kent’s housing developments, and insights from this week’s special guest, Reform Party candidate Howard Cox. 

Key points include: 

  • A new retirement accommodation planning approval in Cliff Woods with unusual conditions: no residents under 16 or cats allowed. 
  • The financial strain on KCC due to tripling costs for SEN private schooling. 
  • Tories’ proposed scrapping of nutrient neutrality rules potentially impacting East Kent’s environment. 
  • An interview with Howard Cox who shares his journey from marketing professional to political candidate, his work with Fair Fuel UK campaign, and his take on Dover as an ‘immigration election’ battleground. 

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