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EP22: Election Hustings in Kent, KCC eyes £80m savings, and is Labour heading for supermajority?


Episode 22 – Election Hustings in Kent, KCC eyes £80m savings, and is Labour heading for supermajority? 

In this episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, we delve into the intricacies of local and national politics with a special focus on upcoming parliamentary elections. Host Simon Finlay is joined by  Robert Boddy, Daniel Esson, Paul Francis, and this week’s special guest Denise Scott-McDonald. 

The conversation begins with a review of Medway’s election hustings where NHS issues and environmental concerns took centre stage. Notably absent were the Conservative candidates, sparking criticism from attendees for their lack of engagement. 

Next up is Folkestone & Hythe District Council’s first year under Green leadership. We explore how they’ve navigated financial challenges and what their success means for Green politics in Kent.  

The discussion then shifts to KCC’s daunting task of finding £80 million in savings amidst declining revenues from central government – raising questions about potential cuts to discretionary services like libraries. 

Paul Francis weighs in on the role Hustings play in modern campaigns amid safety concerns for MPs while also touching upon Reform UK’s rising momentum as it poses a challenge to traditional Tory strongholds. 

Finally, Labour candidate Denise Scott McDonald shares her journey into politics and vision for Seven Oaks. With national polls indicating a shift away from long-held Conservative seats, she discusses strategies that could lead to significant changes in political landscapes across Kent and beyond. 

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