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EP23: Hustings, more hustings and Electoral Calculus boss Martin Baxter


EPISODE 23 – Hustings, more hustings and Electoral Calculus boss Martin Baxter

In this episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, we delve into the final week of a riveting general election campaign. Our host Simon Finlay is accompanied by local democracy experts Robert Boddy and Daniel Esson, as well as KM Group political editor Paul Francis. They are later joined by Special Guest Martin Baxter from Electoral Calculus for an in-depth analysis. 

The podcast kicks off with discussions on Labour’s stable lead and how continuous negative press impacts the Conservative party. We then explore Medway’s shifting political landscape where Labour may be gaining ground but faces fierce competition in certain constituencies like Chatham and Aylesford. 

Our panelists share their experiences from recent hustings across Kent, highlighting issues such as environmental concerns, housing policies, and public reactions to candidates’ stances on various topics including gender identity. The conversations reveal that while there is strong anti-Tory sentiment among attendees, tactical voting could play a significant role in determining winners. 

As polling day approaches, our experts boldly predict outcomes for Kent – ranging from balanced Tory-Labour splits to significant gains for Labour or even surprise Liberal Democrat victories in places like Tunbridge Wells. 

Finally, Special Guest, Martin Baxter from Electoral Calculus weighs in on the accuracy of polls predicting a dire outcome for Conservatives. He discusses how polls reflect rather than influence public opinion but acknowledges uncertainties around tight races that could sway overall results.


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