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EP3 : Cutbacks, Unpopular Police and Dodgy Pork / Jim Martin


Episode 3 –  Cutbacks, Unpopular Police and Dodgy Pork / Jim Martin

In this episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, we discuss the underinvestment in water infrastructure that has led to a potential decline in bathing water quality. We also delve into Medway Council’s financial woes and their request for exceptional powers to avoid bankruptcy. Join us as we explore local government challenges across the county, dissect national political developments with our Westminster Watch segment, and chat with special guest Jim Martin from the Green Party.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The historical lack of investment in water infrastructure could lead to poorer bathing water quality around Kent.
  • Simon Finlay introduces discussions on local government issues alongside senior editor Matt Ramsden and democracy reporter Robert Boddy.
  • Medway Council seeks permission to raise council tax above 5% without a referendum and borrow money for running costs due to serious financial difficulties.
  • Dover District Council faces unexpected funding cuts impacting its budget significantly.
  • Swale Borough fails ambitious net zero targets but continues efforts towards environmental sustainability.
  • Results of a survey by Kent Police reveal concerns over serious violence among residents; trust levels are lukewarm at best.

Guest Interview – Simon’s Interview with Jim Martin discusses his journey into politics through local campaigning, leading Folkston & Hythe District Council as part of an environmental focus shift. He shares insights on why disillusioned conservatives might turn towards green policies focusing on social justice alongside ecological concerns.

Westminster Watch – Severance Payments Debate: Political editor Paul Francis sheds light on severance payments received by MPs after short tenures during Liz Truss’s brief prime ministership. Discussions include viewpoints from Anna Firth MP defending government achievements irrelevantly during debate time.

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