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EP6 : Budget Woes, Levelling Up, 11 Plus & Biosecurity – Tracey Crouch MP Interview


EPISODE 6 –  Budget Woes, Levelling Up, 11 Plus & Biosecurity – Tracey Crouch MP Interview

Welcome to the latest episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, where we explore pressing issues in local and national politics from a Kent perspective. In this episode, our host Simon Finlay is joined by Daniel Esson and Robert Boddy, seasoned reporters with their fingers on the pulse of local governance.

We kick off with an examination of Medway Council’s challenging week as they navigate budget proposals dependent on central government decisions while grappling with internal strife after two Labour councillors are suspended following a Christmas party altercation. The impact on council operations and political optics are dissected in detail.

Next up, we delve into Canterbury City Council’s ambitious levelling up projects funded by £20 million from the government plus additional funds from the council itself. Discover how these investments aim to transform key historic sites like Westgate Towers and Canterbury Castle into cultural hubs for locals and tourists alike.

The conversation then shifts to education as we uncover that over 20% of grammar school entrants failed their initial 11-plus exams but were admitted through headteacher assessments or appeals – raising questions about fairness in selective schooling.

Westminster Watch features Paul Francis providing insights into Dover Council’s legal battle against government decisions regarding biosecurity checks at Ashford instead of near Dover port. We also touch upon a significant investment aimed at enhancing MPs’ security amidst rising concerns over threats and harassment faced by public servants.

Our special guest Tracey Crouch MP reflects candidly on her decision not to seek re-election after battling cancer, sharing both her cherished experiences as an MP for Chatham and Aylesford along with her thoughts on leaving behind an increasingly hostile political environment marred by online abuse.

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