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EP8 : Sewage Makes a Stink, Jam-Packed Roads and Why Top Tory Quit / Elizabeth Turpin


Episode 8 – Sewage Makes a Stink, Jam-Packed Roads and Why Top Tory Quit / Elizabeth Turpin Interview

In this week’s episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, we navigate through the murky waters of local politics in Medway and take a broader look at national political currents. Here are some highlights:

Medway Concerns: We discuss ongoing issues with river pollution as Medway Liberal Democrats call for regular testing after finding E. coli levels three times higher than safe standards.

Canterbury’s Local Plan: Canterbury City Council has unveiled its new development plan, sparking debate over housing targets and infrastructure improvements.

Roadwork Oversight: A spotlight on KCC inspectors discovering rule-breaking road closures, leading to calls for stricter enforcement and heftier fines.

Westminster Watch: Our segment dissects another tumultuous week for the Conservative Party marked by defections, controversial comments from Tory donors, and potential returns of former party leaders like Michael Howard to add gravitas amidst turmoil.

Elizabeth Turpin Interview: Former deputy leader of Tories in Medway discusses her resignation due to disagreements over local decisions impacting financial stability and service quality within the council.

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