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EP9 : Yvette Cooper, Planning Issues and Operation Brock / Jeremy Kite


Episode 9: Yvette Cooper, Planning Issues and Operation Brock / Jeremy Kite

In this episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, we delve into the significant infrastructure projects shaping the future of Kent. From housing developments to transportation, Robert, Dan and Sean along with special guest Dartford Council Leader Jeremy Kite, discuss how these initiatives impact local communities and address public concerns.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Low Thames Crossing – Public consultation shows overwhelming support for proceeding with a new crossing that promises cleaner vehicles, better road design, and improved environmental mitigations.
  2. Canterbury Housing Plans – Residents express fears over proposed 2,000 new homes near Tyler Hill, Rough Common, and Blean due to potential strain on local infrastructure.
  3. Bunyard’s Farm Village Green Status – Maidstone locals campaign against development by seeking village green status for their cherished open space.
  4. Yvette Cooper Visits Medway – Shadow Home Secretary discusses Labour’s vision for addressing antisocial behavior and supporting community schemes like Men in Sheds.
  5. Ebbsfleet Valley Development – Council Leader Jeremy Kite shares insights on building a vibrant new community from scratch within an old quarry site.
  6. Operation Brock Concerns – MPs question whether school holiday traffic issues warrant emergency measures as they disrupt local businesses.

Special Guest:

  • Jeremy Kite (Council Leader of Dartford Borough Council) talks about his journey in politics and emphasises the need for swift action on major projects like the Lower Thames Crossing whilst ensuring growth doesn’t overwhelm residents.

Westminster Watch:

  • Discussion around Conservative Party prospects at upcoming elections.

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