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Podcast: 9 in 10 people in Whitstable are worried about the impact of Airbnb and short-term holiday lets on the town

New research has found nine in 10 people in Whitstable are concerned about the impact short-term holiday lets, or Airbnb properties, are having on the town.

The result of an online survey of residents carried out by the Canterbury District Green Party have been published.

We’ve been speaking to a local councillor and heard what one Airbnb owner has to say about it.

Also in today’s podcast, we’ve been hearing how small businesses in Folkestone town centre face tough choices this winter.

As the cost of living continues to bite, a number of firms in the High Street – including restaurants – have closed down.

But some have decided to launch, just as the government’s pledged to discount wholesale energy costs for non-domestic users for six months from October. Hear from the owner of a new coffee shop.

There’s more reaction in Kent after last week’s mini-budget after it was confirmed the county could become an ‘investment zone’. Find out what that would mean.

Journeys in part of Kent made by people using a wheelchair have been described as like ‘dicing with death’.

Councillor Tim Prater is able-bodied but has been out in a wheelchair in Folkestone so see what it’s like for those who need them to get around. Hear what he thought.

And in sport, Kent cricket fans have been celebrating the career or Darren Stevens.

He’s been welcomed to the pitch at Canterbury on the second day of their final match of the season.