Podcast: Anger over water leak in Kennington, Ashford where a hosepipe ban is in place

People living in part of Ashford are angry about a water leak which they say is wasting thousands of litres every day.

It comes as the Kennington  area is under hosepipe ban restrictions in a bid to secure supplies this summer.

Hear from one resident who contact the water company about it.

Also in today’s podcast, there’s been a significant victory for campaigners and asylum seekers who’ve been challenging the government’s planned Rwanda deportation scheme in the high court.

A group of judges have ruled the country is not a safe place for asylum seekers who have crossed the Channel in small boats to be sent to.

We’ve been getting reaction from refugee charity Care4Calais.

Another issue we’re delving into is plant-based diets after students at the University of Kent voted in favour of moving to meat-free meals by 2027.

It’s all about tackling climate change and having more sustainable food options on menus in future. We’ve been finding out what people on campus think and have been chatting to the Union president.

The leader of Medway Council has raised concerns about plans for devolution which could result in Kent having a directly-elected mayor.

Bosses are considering the idea, which would give authorities more power over key areas like transport budgets, roads and public health. Hear from Vince Maple who took on the job after the most recent local election.

Find out which fish and chip shop in Kent has been named one of the best in the country.

And, why it’s important to check your Dart Charge account.