Podcast: Angry carer caught on camera spitting on Strood patient’s doorstep after row

A carer is being investigated after she was caught on camera apparently spitting on her patient’s doorstep following a row over a damaged wall.

The patient, who lives in Strood, says the incident has left her feeling “disrespected” and as if she was “disgusting”.

Also in today’s podcast, a desperate appeal has been issued to pregnant women in Kent and Medway urging them to come forward for a whooping cough jab following the deaths of eight babies.

You can hear from the Deputy Director of Public Health at Kent County Council who says infants who are too young to get their own vaccinations are at the greatest risk.

A court has heard how a Ramsgate man stole his girlfriend’s family heirlooms and cash from her son to fund a gambling addition. 

The victim began noticing jewellery mysteriously disappearing from their home over the course of seven months.

The date for a controversial plaza to be cleared from a town’s seafront has been announced.

The project, which sparked backlash from the community, has seen the creation of a pedestrianised zone – but officials have now confirmed the road will be reopened to traffic. 

And, a former bar in Gravesend is set to reopen as pub again a year after it closed down to be converted into a supermarket. 

Bosses say they’ve changed their mind, and the town needs its sports bar back.