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Podcast: Ashford man pretended to be a police officer then stripped naked after crashing his car

A man who pretended to be a police officer after narrowly avoiding running down a family before crashing into a fence in Ashford has been jailed.
The labourer brandished handcuffs and waived a knife around before stripping naked and eventually being pepper-sprayed by police.
Our Canterbury Crown Court reporter Sean Axtell has been following the case.
Changes to Covid rules have been made today.
Hear what the health secretary has had to say about isolating if you’ve tested positive. We’ve also got reaction from DFDS, which sails from Dover, after France lifted travel restrictions for UK tourists.
It’s feared there aren’t enough school places for the number of children moving with their families to live in a huge new development in north Kent.
Thousands of homes are being built at Ebbsfleet Garden City but a number of parents say they’re having to travel miles out of the area to take their children to school.
The chief executive of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation has updated us on the situation.
A report out today has found there is a dangerous ‘chemical cocktail’ running through our rivers.
The Environmental Audit Committee found only 14% of English rivers meet good ecological status. We’ve been getting reaction from Sally Burtt-Jones from campaign ground SOS Whitstable.
Social media influencers in Kent have welcomed calls for a logo to be put on photos of people that have been digitally-altered.
Former GP Dr Luke Evans, who’s now a Conservative MP, wants new legislation, because he’s worried about people with eating disorders being driven by ‘perfect’ bodies.
And Kent’s Sam Billings is with the England cricket squad ahead of their final Ashes test.