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Podcast: Banksy expert hopes to restore ’Morning Is Broken’ artwork destroyed after Herne Bay farmhouse was knocked down

A leading Banksy expert hopes to restore a piece of the mystery artists’ work which was destroyed when a farmhouse in Herne Bay was demolished.

‘Morning Is Broken’ appeared on the building and was confirmed as genuine by the artist via his Instagram page.

But within hours, the 500-year-old property had been demolished.

Also in today’s podcast, we’ve got reaction to yesterday’s Budget.

The Chancellor announced plans for more free childcare for youngsters from 9-months old until they start school in a bid to try and get more people back into work.

But there would be a relaxation of staff to children ratios in nurseries. Lewis Steeper’s baby son Oliver died in a chocking incident at a nursery and is campaigning against it.

We’ve also spoken to bosses at Thanet Thorley Taverns as it was revealed duty on draught drinks in pubs will be up to 11p lower than in supermarkets.

And the founder of Fair Fuel UK has reacted to news fuel duty will be frozen for another year.

Find out why there are warnings about building on a plot of land between Ashford and Canterbury.

And, a painting by famous artist David Hockney has been rediscovered in Kent.

It featured on an episode of Antiques Roadshow in Faversham – we reveal how much it’s worth.