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Podcast: Dad accuses Kent school of ’sweeping violence under the carpet’ after ’gang attack’

A dad has accused a school of ‘sweeping violence under the carpet’ after his son was attacked.

The Meopham School pupil was left with a black eye after it happened as he waited to be picked up at the end of term.

We have a response from the head teacher.

Also in today’s podcast, it’s being suggested schools in Kent are kept open in the evening and at weekends this winter so children have somewhere to go to keep warm.

A councillor has put forward the idea – hear reaction from Lorraine Schulze who helps to run the Medway foodbank.

After a heat alert last week, we’ve now got a warning for possible flooding in Kent as heavy rain is forecast.

Plus you can hear how wildlife experts say nature could be used to combat climate change in the county.

Figures seen by the KentOnline Podcast show £5.5m has been paid out in redundancy packages by the county council over the last five years.

It went to just over 200 employees whose roles were no longer required – our political editor has spoken to the council leader.

A Medway woman is sharing her experience with the menopause after being hospitalised six times.

Annie Cardone from Rainham suffered from insomnia and sleep psychosis, but doctors were slow to give her a proper diagnosis and treatment.

She’s now written a book in a bid to help others.

And in sport, hear from the Gillingham manager following their defeat at Tranmere at the weekend.