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Podcast: Dad-of-three jailed for beating a man with a shovel in revenge attack

A court’s heard how a dad-of-three used a shovel “like a baseball bat” in an attack in Herne Bay.

Reece Cannon went after his victim while children were watching in February.

Hear the full details from court, as the 30 year-old was jailed for eight years.

Also in today’s podcast, a record number of asylum seekers crossed the Channel to Kent yesterday as people continue to risk their lives making the dangerous journey.

Figures show nearly 1,300 men, women and children arrived in Dover after 27 smalls were intercepted.

It’s feared ongoing sewage leaks on the Kent coast are putting people off visiting.

No-swim warnings have been in force at several beaches in the county after waste water was released into the sea during heavy rain last week.

Hear from businesses who say it’s affecting trade.

Elsewhere, a former soldier from Canterbury who says he lost all of his confidence after losing his legs while serving in Afghanistan, is planning to climb the world’s tallest mountain.

We speak to Hari Budha Magar who was injured when an improvised explosive device went off while he was on patrol in 2010.

A crowdfunding campaign is under way as it’s going to cost £300,000.

And in sport, we look ahead to Gillingham’s second round tie with Exeter City in the Carabao Cup.