Podcast: Dad’s heartbreak at death of “kind and talented” daughter at the age of 16

A dad has told of his heartbreak following the death of his kind, loving and talented daughter – aged just 16.

Sasha Ghosh, from Smeeth, near Ashford, had been competing internationally in gymnastics before being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer two years ago.

Also in today’s podcast, you can hear from election experts on which was the county is expected to vote in next week’s general election. 

According to Electoral Calculus, constituencies on the south coast are the ones to watch. 

Picnic goers were left in shock after witnessing a “lost” lorry reverse into a fence after managing to get stuck in a park next to a children’s play area.

The shocking incident, which was captured on camera, showed the large HGV attempting to navigate diversions put in place after a landslip more than a year ago. 

We’re expecting disruption in the county as a 64-year-old bridge will be shut for more than a week, starting from today.

Kingsferry Bridge, which connects the Isle of Sheppey with the mainland, will close so 40 steel ropes that lift the bridge can be replaced. 

And we’re being warned of the dangers of buys a pet online after a Gravesend woman has been left in fear of a rabbit she bought on Gumtree. 

She’s decided to surrender the bunny after he became aggressive and started biting.