Podcast: Desperate man faces Asda ban for running down closed travelator to get to sick wife

A Bobbing man has been banned from Asda after running down a closed travelator to get home to his seriously-ill wife.

The 68-year-old admits he verbally abused the deputy manager after being “trapped” inside the Sittingbourne supermarket.

Also in today’s podcast, three Kent MPs were among those who rebelled against the government and backed changes to the controversial Rwanda bill.

The vote has led to some speculating that Rishi Sunak could face a leadership challenge.

A school in Ashford has been forced to close six times in three months because its new £358,000 air source heat pump system keeps failing.

The “green” energy source was installed over the summer as part of a government initiative to help schools cut carbon emissions.

A Kent fuel campaigner has praised plans to give drivers access to price comparison technology to help them find the cheapest petrol or diesel. 

Millions of motorists will be able to get the latest petrol station prices at the simple click of a button under the proposed Pumpwatch scheme.

And in sport a Gillingham ice hockey team has released one of their players after violence broke out at a match over the weekend. 

The club says he went against their code of conduct when he raised a stick to another player.