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Podcast: Double-amputee Tony Hudgell from Kings Hill needs more surgery after being abused by his birth parents

A little boy who had to have both of his legs amputated after being abused by his birth parents is going to require even further surgery.
Specialists have found Tony Hudgell’s jaw isn’t growing properly after being damaged when he was a baby.
We’ve been speaking to his adoptive mum Paula.
Also in today’s podcast, a Syrian refugee now living in England says he’s not surprised an increasing number of people are risking their lives and crossing the Channel to Kent in small boats.
Energy prices are set to go up for millions of households. We have details on the all important figures along with an explanation from Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark.
Kent’s Kate French has won gold in the modern pentathlon at the Tokyo Olympics.
We also have the heart-breaking message to supporters from race walker Tom Bosworth.
Plus, the football season gets under way for Gillingham this weekend – hear from midfielder Olly Lee.