Podcast: Faversham mum smoked cannabis before driving with children in the car

A mum-of-four from Faversham has appeared in court after pleading guilty to drug driving.

The 33-year-old smoked cannabis before driving with her baby and seven-year-old child in the car.

Also in today’s podcast, we hear from the owners of a warehouse that has been destroyed in a landslide in Swanscombe.

Rubble fell down and buried the workshop when a burst water pipe caused part of the cliff to collapse.

Elsewhere, a teenager has been found guilty of murder after a 20 year-old man was stabbed to death in Tonbridge.

Tom Waugh was killed in a park last August after trying to distract a group of robbers to help his friends escape.

Health bosses are warning of “very fragile” A&E staffing cover as junior doctors continue with a second day of strikes.

Their union is calling for a wage increase to make up for years of real-term cuts.

A Tunbridge Wells mum has been telling us how she struggled to accept being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in her forties.

Donna Marshall started experiencing symptoms but put off going for a follow-up check for two years.

And, a social worker from Ramsgate says ditching her job to make money selling intimate videos online has “changed her life”.

She is now raking in more than a thousand pounds a week on the internet subscription service OnlyFans.