Podcast: Furious Tenterden residents fined for parking outside their own homes

Residents of a street of Tenterden say they’re outraged after being fined for parking outside their own homes. 

New cameras are snapping everyone from residents to visitors and care workers – even if they have a permit. 

Also in today’s podcast,  a  mum who fled Ukraine with her daughter just months after the invasion by Russia says she’ll be forever grateful for the welcome they received in Kent.

The county has received more Ukrainian refugees than any other part of England.

A main road through Gravesend town centre will be closed tomorrow – with rumours they’ll be shooting a film there  

The area will be off limits for traffic and pedestrians as the BBC bring a Hitchcock classic to TV screens. 

The fight is on the save the bells of an historic church near Ashford which have rung out across the county for hundreds of years. 

Campaigners are trying to raise money to raise money for urgent repairs. 

And, we take a look inside one of the latest crazes to sweep the county with competitors flocking from around to country to the Kent coast. 

A holiday park near Whitstable has recently played host to a grand slam in arm wrestling.