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Podcast: Gillingham woman left traumatised after man tried to force his way into flats in Mill Road

A woman says she has been left traumatised after a man managed to get into a block of flats in Gillingham and started banging on doors.

Police and paramedics were called after it happened in the early hours of the morning on Mill Road. Hear from reporter Megan Carr.

Also in today’s podcast, talks to try and avert strikes by firefighters in Kent have been taking place today.

It comes after more than 8 in 10 members of their union voted in favour of walking out in a dispute over pay.

A car has been written off after being hit by a lorry when the driver got lost trying to find a new lorry park in Dover.

The HGV ended up in Aycliffe after missing the turning for the nearby facility.

There are calls for all parts of Kent to separate food waste so more of it can be turned into biofuel and fertiliser.

The county council currently recycles about 36,000 tonnes of it every year, through a processing facility near Kings Hill.

The KentOnline Podcast has been told how apprentices could held reduce waiting lists within the NHS.

Job vacancies in the health sector are currently at a record high – but one trust in Kent is hoping to ease that problem by offering 300 apprenticeships.

We’ve been speaking to a man who is training to be a physiotherapist after being made redundant during the pandemic.

A young woman from West Malling has won a national award for her technology repair company.

Engineer Megan Hale has created a sustainable subscription service that teaches children how to repair and re-use gadgets.

And, for the very first time, a beaver has been spotted living in the wild on a river in Ashford.