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Podcast: GP league tables planned in bid to boost face-to-face appointments

GP surgeries are going to be rated on league tables as part of plans to improve services.
The government has also announced millions of pounds aimed at improving access to doctors – although practices which don’t provide an “appropriate” level of face-to-face appointments will not be eligible for the new funding.
Hear from our resident health expert Dr Julian Spinks on the demands facing GPs.
Meantime, a campaign is under way to try and reduce the amount of abuse being suffered by nurses and doctors and some hospitals in the county.
Also in the podcast, Insulate Britain have announced they are suspending their campaign of action until October 25.
The boss of Southern Water has spoken out about sewage spills in the county.
We’ve also been hearing from organisers of the national paddleboarding series due to happen in Thanet this weekend.
And an Australian swimmer has broken the record for the number of Channel crossings by a single person.