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Podcast: Green campaigner in Kent warns urgent action is needed as Europe is hit by severe flooding

A Green campaigner in Kent has warned that urgent action is needed as severe floods hit Europe.

Hear from Stuart Jeffery who says it’s a clear sign of the effects of climate change.

One of the towns in Germany that’s been affected is twinned with Ashford.

The council there has lowered its flag to half mast as we hear more than 100 people have lost their lives.

Also on the podcast, Operation Brock is going to be installed on the M20 this weekend ahead of ‘freedom day’ on Monday.

Roads bosses say it’s a precaution as more people could head across the Channel on holiday when Covid restrictions are lifted.

We’ve also been finding out what you think about the end of measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

And, a plaque has been unveiled in Medway in honour of a man who fought for democracy back in the 1800s.

William Cuffay, who was of English and African heritage, was born in the towns and got involved in the Chartist movement.