Podcast: Herne Bay man has phone smashed out of hand by speeding moper biker on Central Parade

A man has had his phone knocked out of his hand by a speeding moped rider while filming him on Central Parade in Herne Bay.

Hear the moment it happened and why he is frustrated after trying to report the incident to the police.

Also in today’s episode, a vigil has been held for a 15-year-old boy who died when his e-scooter collided with a BMW near Maidstone.

Friends and family have paid tribute to Keiran Byrne who was travelling along Heath Road in Coxheath when the crash happened on Saturday night.

A decision on controversial plans to build 550 homes in Ashford is finally due to be made later this year.

Developers fist submitted plans for ‘Kingsnorth Green’ in 2015, but it has never been signed off because of environmental issues.

Thames Water bosses have appeared before a committee of MPs to explain how the company ended up with debts of £14 billion.

Britain’s biggest supplier covers areas in and around Dartford, and there is reassurance for customers about their bills.

And, a Folkestone woman has shared a video of seagulls outside her bedroom window as a warning to Londoners who are considering moving to the seaside town.

She reckons the noise could put some people off.