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Podcast: Homeless man in Canterbury reveals the harsh reality of life on the streets

A homeless man has spoken frankly about the harsh realities of sleeping rough.

Michael Cordes has been on the streets of Canterbury since May.

In just three months, he’s been robbed, urinated on and had his tent set on fire.

The 38 year-old is hoping that by speaking out he’ll change people’s opinions of those on the streets and make them more compassionate.

Also in today’s podcast, there’s been a major development in how people trying to cross the Channel to Kent in small boats could be dealt with.

The Home Secretary has reportedly given the go ahead to a new tactic called ‘pushback’. 

Priti Patel wants the Border Force to be able to turn around boats of asylum seekers wo they’re dealt with by French authorities instead.

We’ll be hearing from various sides of the debate.

There’s a chance we might need vitamin D supplements this winter following a pretty poor summer.

We’ve been speaking to a Kent GP and nutritionist on why our levels could be low.

The owner of an internet sensation has been chatting about his rise to fame.

And, Kent’s Emma Raducanu has been speaking following her incredible victory in the quarter finals of the US Open tennis.