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Podcast: Increase in cases of Indian Covid variant in Kent leads to concerns restrictions ending on June 21 will be postponed

The government’s being urged to say whether it still intends to go ahead with easing all coronavirus lockdown restrictions on June 21.

It’s as cases of the Indian variant continue to rise – including in Kent.

We’ve been speaking to the acting public health boss in the county about where increased testing is being encouraged and also to Strood GP Dr Julian Spinks about the vaccine roll-out.

Also in today’s podcast, there’s been a big increase in the number of children in Kent needing support for special educational needs.

We chat to an education specialist.

A football league encouraging men to lose weight is expanding to more parts of Kent. We catch up with one of the players from Man v Fat on the incredible impact it’s had on him.

And, a little boy is hoping to raise £5,000 for a support dog – he tells us about his new best buddy.