Podcast: Increase in parking charges in Whitstable could damage businesses

Residents and businesses have raised concerns as parking charges in Whitstable are set to rise by up to £2.10 an hour.

Drivers using the town’s busiest car parks currently pay an hourly rate as low as £1.60 – but that could soar to £3.70 under controversial new proposals.

Also in today’s episode, a vigil has been held at Canterbury Cathedral to show solidarity with victims of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Dozens of people gathered for a service with representatives from the local Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities.

Staff have been forced to leave their offices at Medway Council’s headquarters after potentially dangerous concrete was found in the roof.

The site at Gun Wharf is expected to be closed for at least the rest of this week while further investigations are carried out.

A Canterbury woman says she is being forced to wash out of a bowl and sleep on her sofa after delays with accessible housing.

Jane Roberts claims to have been waiting nine months for a new home with a wet room, after having a knee operation in February.

A special panel looking at what we can do to help tackle the climate emergency will take place in Kent this evening.

The discussion, which is part of the Canterbury Festival, will include topics like renewable energy and protecting ecosystems.

The scariest day of the year has finally arrived and we have been finding out what Halloween means to people in Kent.

Hear from a shop owner, pumpkin farm boss and a man who decorates the front of his house to raise money for charity.

And in football, Gillingham chairman Brad Galinson is getting ready to announce their new manager.

Neil Harris was sacked earlier this month and the club’s owner has explained why it has taken so long to find a replacement.