Podcast: Kent firefighters describe devastating rescue efforts following Morocco earthquake

Firefighters from Kent who have been sent to help with recovery efforts in Morocco say they’re witnessing devastation. 

Nearly 3000 people are known to have died following last week’s earthquake. 

Also in today’s podcast, parents of school children near Canterbury are calling for better bus services after students were left stranded by the side of the road

The busses drove past because they were already full but it’s angered those who pay £450 a year for a bus pass. 

Local bosses in Kent have hit back at claims the authority is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

It’s been claimed Kent County Council is one of the six that could go the same way as Birmingham and Woking 

Backlash for the operators of Chatham Dockside car park over plans to introduce paid parking. 

Taxi drivers are among those saying the move will “kill off” the shopping centre. 

And, a blunder from staff at Maidstone Hospital has seen patient calls diverted to a pub landlord’s mobile

The hospital has apologised after he was bombarded with inquiries about MRI appointments.