Podcast: Kent’s first homeless pods are set to launch in Ashford as 23 are stacked on an industrial estate

Kent’s first homeless pods are set to launch later this year with 23 currently being stacked on an industrial estate in Ashford. 

They’re designed to be an energy-efficient alternative to building new homes and will offer temporary accommodation to rough sleepers. 

Also in today’s podcast, plans to drastically scale back the number of children eligible for special needs school places in Kent have been described as ‘terrifying’ by worried families.

Kent County Council has revealed proposals to address what it says is an over-reliance on special school placements.

A lollipop lady has told the KentOnline Podcast she’s lucky to be alive after collapsing with heart failure whilst on duty.

Paramedics told Debbie Marsh she would have died if she had been alone  as she suffered the first stage of a heart attack whilst waiting to help pupils across the road outside school in Medway. 

People may have to be prepared to spend money to spend a penny following suggestions increased crime and overstretched council budgets are putting public toilets at risk.

The British Toilet Association says the issue has become a national crisis with councils in Kent reporting fewer blocks today than 14 years ago. 

And kmfm’s Tonnes of Tins campaign has launched across Kent to help fight food poverty. 

It comes as a new report shows the number of people in “food insecure” households continues to rise – with the summer holidays expected to pile on extra pressure.