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Podcast: Man jailed after stealing Amazon van and later found surrounded by parcels in Canterbury

A man who stole an Amazon delivery van after snatching the keys from the driver in Canterbury has been jailed.

Hear the moment 33-year-old Ronnie Mead from Hunton Gardens was arrested while surrounded by half opened parcels.

A Ramsgate woman is calling for more mental health support for disabled children after her son died during lockdown.

Sammy Alban-Stanley had Prada-Willi Syndrome and fell from a cliff in 2020.

His mum Patricia has spoken to the podcast about what she’d like the government to do.

A Kent youth charity’s launching a safe space for young asylum seekers after concerns many are struggling to feel part of society….

Pie Factory Music says the pandemic has made it even harder for them to understand the culture and access support since arriving here.

Should Kent’s grammar schools be phased out? We have reaction to a call from a Labour peer to get rid of them.

It’s another scorcher in Kent – we have more advice on dealing with the hot weather.

And, a former star of The Apprentice is hoping a skate park he’s planning to open in Swanley will help kickstart the regeneration of the recreation ground there.

JD O’Brien has managed to secure £250,000 in funding for the project and has been speaking to our reporter Sean Delaney.