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Podcast: Man suffers ’life-changing injuries’ after being stabbed at Coyotes nightclub in Chatham

A young man has suffered ‘life-changing injuries’ after being stabbed at a nightclub in Medway.

A second man was also hurt at Coyotes in Chatham in the early hours of Sunday.

Hear a statement from police which reveals two people have been arrested.

Also in today’s podcast, just a day after it was revealed a fourth boy has died after falling into a frozen lake near Birmingham, a Folkestone woman says she was shocked to see children trying to walk on a frozen pond.

Amanda De Feo saw the boys testing the ice at Radnor Park in the town.

A French charity’s revealed it was sent a voice message begging for help just before a boat carrying asylum seekers capsized in the Channel.

Four people died when it happened off the coast of Dungeness yesterday morning.

A man who maintains an area of woodland near Canterbury says he can’t believe he’s been told to tear down the building he uses as an office.

There are six structures on the site in Adisham and council bosses have decided they’re in breach of planning regulations.

The KentOnline Podcast has been told the housing market in Kent is looking positive heading into 2023 – despite national reports of falling property prices.

They dropped by 2.3% in November, the third monthly fall in a row.

Hear from expert Spencer Fortag from Dockside property services in Medway.

And, more of the gifts you donated to the Give a Gift appeal on kmfm have been delivered to charities in Kent.

We received thousands of toys and games which’ll be given to children in time for the big day. Hear from a charity and hospital that have been taking delivery of the presents.