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Podcast: Map shows cat shave attacks across Kent as cases continue to rise

An animal charity has started plotting a map to show where there have been reports of cats having their fur shaved as cases continue to rise.

Hear from Animals Lost and Found who say they are becoming increasingly concerned about the attacks which are leaving pets traumatised.

Also on today’s podcast, hundreds of people have gathered outside Parliament to protest against the government’s controversial new asylum policy.

Under the plans, anyone who arrives in Kent on a small boat would be banned from making a claim to stay here.

Junior doctors in Kent have been walking out for a second day.

Members of the British Medical Association are striking until tomorrow morning in a dispute over pay. We’ve been speaking to a junior doctors who joined the picket line outside Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham.

A couple who have taken over a pub in Dover say they’re going to make it somewhere street food traders can work out of season.

Joe and Laura Taylor already run an events company and hope the Lord Nelson will showcase some of the foodies they know. Joe has been speaking to our reporter Sam Lennon.

And, a dad from Larkfield who lost a leg due to a rare disease is now touring the UK and Europe playing snooker after joining a world disability league.

Martin Brunker was diagnosed with something called charcot foot three years ago – which leaves the bones in the foot fragile and able to break and dislocate.