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Podcast: Met Police officers admit taking pictures of murdered sisters and sharing them on WhatsApp

The Ramsgate mum of two sisters found murdered in north London has spoken out after two police officers admitted taking and sharing pictures of their bodies on WhatsApp.
47-year-old Deniz Jaffer from east London and Jamie Lewis, who’s 33 and from Essex, were meant to be protecting the scene in Wembley where Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were found dead last June.

Mina Smallman has described the men as ‘despicable’.
Also in today’s podast, we’ve got an update from court as the trial of a man accused of murdering two young women in Kent more than 30 years ago continues.
A group of MPs are calling for the rollout of smart motorways, like the stretch of the M20 near Maidstone, to be suspended.
Hear from the man who chairs the transport select committee.
The mum of a girl from Aylesham who has a rare form of epilepsy has joined a protest calling for cannabis based medication to be made available to her and other families on the NHS.
It’s three years since the drugs were legalised but many, like Emma Appleby, are still having to pay for them.
As Cop26 continues hear from two people in Medway who are doing their bit to help tackle climate change.
And, three police officers who rescued a man from a 50ft drop in a quarry in Northfleet have been nominated for a National Police Bravery Award.
Hear how the rescue unfolded after being captured on their body-worn cameras.