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Podcast: Mum calls for ban of disposable barbecues on beaches after her son was seriously injured at Camber Sands

A Kent mum is calling for disposable barbecues to be banned from beaches after her son was badly injured.
Alex, 12, stood on one that had been buried in the sand during a school trip to Camber Sands.

The metal cut the back of his ankle, severing his Achilles tendon.
Hear what his mum Lucy Gottelier has said about it and what she wants to see done.
Also in today’s podcast, if you moan about your children playing on their computers for too long – what do you think about them doing it at school?
We’re asking be because a school near Dartford is giving students the chance to get a BTEC qualification in competitive video gaming.
Wilmington Academy is one of the first in the country to offer it – hear from a student and the principal.
A community hub in Gravesend, which helps people of all ages with inclusivity has been nominated for a national diversity award.
The Grand Healthy Living Centre helps tackle issues in society.
Highly toxic plants, which can cause serious skin burns, have been found near a public footpath in East Malling.
Giant Hogweed can grow to 15 feet tall and is also really dangerous for our pets.
And in sport, hear from the Maidstone men who’re training to row the Atlantic – despite never having rowed before.
The pair are taking part in a challenge said to be the toughest in the world.