Podcast: Once proud Kent postman now embarrassed to wear the uniform over delivery delays

A Kent postman says he used to be proud to wear his Royal Mail uniform but now he feels embarrassed. 

He’s written a letter revealing what it’s like to really work for the service following a KentOnline report that showed some people in the county are waiting weeks for vital letters. 

Also in today’s podcast, the family of a young woman from Herne Bay who took her own life say she still might be alive if more had been done to treat her anxiety and depression. 

She went missing just hours after a phone consultation with her GP where she admitted to having thoughts of self harm. 

A bully who mugged a vulnerable man of his bike will miss the birth of his first child after being sent to prison. 

The Faversham man cried in the courtroom as the verdict was read out – the judge said he’d deliberately picked on a victim who he considered to be an “easy target”. 

One of the leaders of a  school trust has defended plans to introduce transgender education into a Kent primary school

They’re proposing to teach students about things such as gender identity and the term non-binary. 

And, there’s backlash over a Christmas display in Dover. 

Residents say they’re “insulted” by the reindeers which have been placed around the War Memorial.