Podcast: Police called to Kent school twice in a week as anti-social group intimidates pupils

Police have been called to a school twice in one week amid concerns over a group of young people intimidating pupils in the area.

The secondary’s head teacher has now written to parents saying it is not the only local school that the group is targeting.

Also in today’s podcast, activists have blockaded access points into a Kent weapons factory by lying across the road and locking themselves to gates.

Eight pro-Palestine protestors claim they have “successfully shutdown” the site in Sandwich they say is sending military equipment to Gaza. 

More than 5,000 fare-dodgers a month are being hit with bumped-up £100 fines by Southeastern for not buying a rail ticket.

The train company revealed it received nearly £2.5m last year from penalty fares given to commuters who failed to purchase a valid ticket.

The boss of a barber shop destroyed just days before it was set to open says he is more determined than ever to make the business a success. 

The business  in Hythe High Street was left with its windows smashed in and frames knocked down after a car reportedly hit the front of the property.

And Papa Johns is to shut 43 restaurants across the UK including two in Kent.

The takeaway business confirmed plans to axe the “underperforming” locations after launching a review at the start of the year.